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My name is Ian Clayman, and welcome to !NTELLIGENT DESIGN.  I'm a student game developer from Rockaway Beach, NY currently enrolled at Marist College in the Games and Emerging Media program.

While game development is the focus of my studies I consider myself a designer unbounded by a single medium or genre, with experience working in graphic design, front-end web development, videography, photography and writing.  The list of software I use for these projects is twice as long, but I primarily use the Unity Engine for game development, Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush for 3D modeling, and Abode Illustrator and Photoshop for just about everything else.

My biggest goal in my work is to challenge people by approaching them through a familiar lens.  As a game developer, this means breaking games down to see what makes them tick, then rebuilding them in a way that defies the player's expectations.  As a designer and artist, I take pride in using my knowledge of pop culture to leverage those touchstones and re-contextualize them in ways my audience wouldn't expect.

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I'm currently working on two smaller-scale projects in Unity to continue developing my skills.  The first is a realistic system for gauging a game object's exposure to light, with potential application in stealth games.  The second project is a Unity Editor tool to assist in the development of 2D "Bullet Hell" games, simplifying the process of creating and previewing projectile patterns.


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