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My name is Ian Clayman, and welcome to !NTELLIGENT DESIGN.  On this site you will find my portfolio and resume, as well as means of contacting me directly.


I'm a game developer originally from Rockaway Beach, NY and living in Los Angeles, CA as of January 2020.  I graduated from Marist College's Games and Emerging Media program in December 2019 and am currently working at Exploding Kittens, Inc.  I'm also an amateur fabricator, a tabletop RPG Game Master, a hobbyist watchmaker and a student of all forms of media.

As a game designer I am most interested in player experience and interactive storytelling.  I like to view the relationship between developer and player as a conversation, with my goal always being to challenge players' expectations and provide them ways to express themselves through gameplay systems and mechanics.

While game development is the focus of my studies I consider myself a designer unbound by a single medium or genre, with experience working in graphic design, front-end web development, videography, photography and writing.  I'm trained in a wide range  of creative  software  and  programming  languages,  but  I  primarily use the

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Unity Engine for game development, Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush for 3D modeling, and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for just about everything else graphic design work and the C#, HTML/CSS and PHP programming languages.

You can find a form to contact me directly at the bottom of this page, and I hope you enjoy my work!


I've purchased a sewing machine and have taught myself to make reusable face masks, which I've been giving out to friends and family to help them protect themselves during the ongoing pandemic.  I also have recently gotten into VR gaming, so I've been exploring that space and participating in alpha and beta testing to help out other developers.

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